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Why Travel with Collette Explorations?

Not sure why you should travel with Collette Explorations over other tour companies? Wondering what the Explorations trips have to offer that other trips don’t? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’re going to make it simple for you and break down the special qualities of a Collette Explorations trip, so that you can feel confident in making the right decision for your next travel adventure.

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It’s all about small groups

Explorations trips have an average of 15 travellers, which means that you’re not going to be hoarded from place to place in a crowd. Quite the opposite! You’ll get to really take the time to experience the destinations you visit with an intimate group of like-minded people that share the same interests and desires as you. Advantages of a small group are: you can interact with the locals easier, stay at more boutique accommodations that have limited space, and enjoy a relaxing pace to your trip.

There’s a focus on local living

Not only will you have an Explorations LEAD who guides you from place to place, but your trip will feature expert local guides who are passionate about sharing their love for their home countries with you. You won’t just watch the locals, you’ll become one, when you get the chance to join them in their everyday activities!

Delicious food is at the heart of Explorations’ travel

Is there a better way to learn about a country and its people, than by tasting the local food? We don’t think so! And this is the kind of education that Explorations encourages! Each trip includes unique foodie experiences that are designed to immerse you in culture as well as flavour. For example, in the Exploring South Africa, Victoria Falls & Botswana, you’ll get to experience dinner under the stars, accompanied by traditional dancers and drummers.

You can do YOU

On any Explorations journey, there’s a balance between guided trips and independent discovery, so that you can customise your trip to include what interests you most. There’s optional excursions and extensions available as well as free days where you can do whatever you like! Making your own choices means your trip will be unique to you.

Where you sleep is just as important

Don’t want to stay in another boring hotel that has no personality? You’ve come to the right place! Explorations trips always include authentic accommodations that reflect the destination’s history, nature and local atmosphere. Whether that’s sleeping in a deluxe lodge, a European castle, a traditional family home or a junk boat!

And don’t forget…

Explorations is part of the Collette family, who have been in the travel business for over 100 years.


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