Visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

Visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

If you’re on a mission to see the most impressive natural sights in the world, then make sure you head to Victoria Falls! This waterfall is the largest waterfall in the world and is very impressive at over 100m tall and more than 1km wide in length! You won’t have seen anything like this before!


Where is the waterfall?

The waterfall lies on the Zambezi River, and sits between Zambia and Zimbabwe (even operating as part of the border between the two countries). You can both see and hear the waterfall from many miles away…so it’s definitely hard to miss.

When should you visit?

To see the water gushing in full force, then the perfect time to visit Victoria Falls is just after the summer rains. This would be between February and May. Alternatively, visiting between June to August is also advised and is the ideal time to visit neighbouring countries such as Botswana. You want to make sure that you see the falls when there’s been plenty of rain, so keep an eye on the weather forecast in the weeks leading up to your trip.

What can you do at Victoria Falls?

Aside from snapping some photographs, and admiring the majestic grandeur of the Falls, there are plenty of adrenaline-filled activities in the area to keep your heart racing. Here are some ideas:

– White Water Rafting:

Complete a Grade 5 white water rafting experience! Choose to raft in the low water season (August – December) or the high water season (January – February and June – July) for an unforgettable, and very wet, day out! Either season offers great rafting conditions, the only difference is the rapids that you will raft through.

– Gorge Swing:

If you loved the swings when you were child, then this might just be the activity for you! Not for the faint hearted though as, for the most part, this “swing” is actually a free-fall until you get near the bottom. The swing is 120m high and your free-fall last around 70m of that distance!

– Zip Lining:

Less insane than the Gorge Swing, but still not advised for anyone who is nervous about heights! You get to whizz through the middle of the gorge and see breath-taking views all around you.

– Bungee Jumping:

Haven’t ticked off bungee jumping from your bucket-list? Now’s your chance! Though not the highest Bungee Jump in the world, it certainly is challenging at 111m high. At least you have a pretty backdrop to take your mind off the big jump…

– Helicopter Flight:

For something slightly more relaxing that still speaks to your adventurous side, why not take a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls? There are a range of flights to choose from – and there’s nothing like viewing this natural masterpiece from the sky.

– Sunset River Cruise:

Water-lovers can enjoy a Sunset River Cruise on the Zambezi River, the best way to cool off after an action-packed day. Watch the glow of the sunset from the boat deck, pair this with dinner, drinks or canapés for a romantic evening.


Zambezi River

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