Southern Africa: Must-Try Foods!

Southern Africa: Must-Try Foods!

Are you a foodie, keen to stretch your taste buds?  Here are six delicacies that will have you day-dreaming of food all day long, and are staples when visiting South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe!

biltong Southern Africa food

  • Biltong (Southern Africa)

    • You can’t leave Southern Africa without trying some Biltong!  Biltong is a type of dried, cured meat (similar to Jerky, but made in a different way) and is the quintessential snack!  The meat is cured, then dried, and is often beef or other game meat.  Biltong is easy to find throughout Southern Africa: in grocery stores, at food trucks, butcheries and cafes, so you will definitely have the opportunity to try some on your trip.
  • Bobotie (South Africa)

    • Bobotie is a South African dish which has layers of minced meat topped with a layer of milk and egg, similar to a Moussaka.  The dish is spiced with nuts, seeds, curry powder and bay leaves, and is one of the country’s signature meals.  There is some discrepancy as to the origins of the dish but the name bobotie comes from the Indonesian word “bobotok”, and it is believed that the dish was introduced to South Africa by the Cape Malays.
  • Milktart (South Africa)

    • Milk tart (Melktert) is a typical South African dessert – something to satisfy your sweet cravings after dinner (or before!).  The dessert has a short pastry crust, is filled with custard and has cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Sound like your new favourite pastry?  We think so! The dessert was introduced by Dutch settlers, and has become very popular today.
  • Seswaa (Botswana)

    • If you’re travelling to Botswana, then tasting Seswaa has to be on your list.  It’s the country’s national dish and is served at every important event or special occasion.  Seswaa is a meat dish – simple yet effective! The meat is boiled on the bone in water and salt, then the bone is removed, and the meat is pounded and shredded. The meat is then served with polenta or cornmeal porridge.
  • Braai Meat (South Africa)

    • Braai is the Afrikaans word for barbecue, but a braai is not the same as your usual barbecue! A braai is a customary South African social event which can be held anywhere and at any time. The main difference is that the food is cooked on a wood fire, rather than using gas or electricity, and this fire can be kept burning all night.  The host is in charge of the braai and it is their responsibility to keep watch and tend to the fire. If you have the opportunity to attend a braai, then you’ll probably get to eat lots of different meats and enjoy a refreshing glass of wine!
  • Mopane Worms (Zimbabwe)

    • If you’re adventurous and are keen to taste something different, then you should definitely try Zimbabwe’s Mopane Worms. Mopane Worms are not actually worms at all, but are caterpillars!  You can eat them dried, cooked, smoked, fresh, fried or soaked in a sauce or brine – the possibilities are endless… though these dishes might require a certain palate.

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