Packing Organization & Inspiration

Taking the Frustration out of Packing

Packing. The painful thing you do before you travel! Not a lot of us enjoy the process, and I’d guess that figuring out what to bring is probably a big part of that pain.

Thankfully, there is a ton of helpful information out there, from destination specific packing tips, to more general tidbits on how to properly store things in your luggage. Marie Kondo of course has some simple but brilliant advice on packing your suitcase, and we are here to highlight a few of our favourites.  Let’s make packing less of a chore and more of an exciting step towards getting you to your destination!


Write down everything that you THINK you need to bring. Consider weather, activities, location and safety when you are making this list. Where you are going will have a huge impact on what you pack. Going trekking? Probably don’t need that party dress. Cruising to Alaska? A rain jacket would not be amiss.

Try to avoid packing things that you ‘think you might wear/use’. Instead pack things you know you will need. Consider clothing items that go well together, and can be worn in different configurations. Get as much life out of one article of clothing as you can. Make sure what you pack is comfortable. One of my favourite tests is this: pick an item and determine what circumstance you need it for. Next, ask yourself “is there anything else I have packed that I would prefer to wear in this circumstance?” If the answer is yes, lose the extra item. If the answer is no, then pack away!

A few items that are always on my packing list include a stainless steel water bottle (S’well makes great ones), and a coffee tumbler for those of us who need to stay caffeinated! The Stojo Collapsible Cup is great as it doesn’t take up much space and weighs hardly anything. Adapters are another must if you are travelling outside your own region!


A lightweight rolling suitcase, small backpack & little personal bag/purse is ideal. Choose a smaller suitcase as you don’t want to encourage over-packing! IT Luggage is a great option.


One of the things that I hate most about living from a suitcase is the fact that you can never find what you are looking for. Everything ends up jumbled together. Getting ready in the morning becomes a stressful endeavor as you inevitably end up sitting in a pile of all your belongings because you couldn’t find something. Save yourself a world of stress and pick up some packing cubes. It’s great to be able to separate your shoes, organize your cords, keep toiletries together and keep your clean clothes folded neatly in place. If you want to get super organized, try the KonMari folding method so that all of your clothing is visible and accessible (not stacked)! I would also suggest bringing a small laundry bag so that your dirty laundry doesn’t end up mixed with your clean things.


Don’t pack to the brim. Leave some space for souvenirs that you pick up along the way. You never know what treasures you might find!


What do you think?  Do you have any great packing secrets? We’d love to hear your ideas and tips!

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