A Solo-Female Adventure in Morocco


A solo female adventure in Morocco

If you have ever had questions about what it’s like to travel in Morocco in a small tour group; from the shopping, to the food, people and amazing architecture, then keep on reading! This blog is based on a recent trip to the country!

What is the best time to visit Morocco?

Early April would probably be the best time to visit Morocco. Late May-early June can be very hot in some areas – 35C or higher. Also keep in mind if you choose to travel during Ramadan; while this can certainly be interesting, it can be a bit quieter. Some restaurants are not open for business or they open later (after 8:00pm). Around 2 weeks was the perfect amount of time to see all that the country offers!

What was your favourite city? Why?

Essaouira, a beautiful coastal city on the Atlantic side. It had a very laid back feel, great seafood restaurants along the beach & great shopping! We all loved this place and said we would definitely go back some day.

Did you ever feel a bit nervous or uncomfortable?

Only when riding a camel in the desert! A bit scary, but a very fun and unique experience!

Do you need to speak some Arabic or French to communicate, or could you get by with English?

It seemed most people in the major cities spoke English quite well, and our guide was always there to translate. French is well spoken in Morocco, so if you speak French you would have no problem with the language.

Did you get to interact with many local people? What were the biggest cultural differences that stood out to you?

Yes, we were able to communicate with the locals in many of the places we visited, especially in the countryside of the Atlas Mountains. The local people are wonderful, caring individuals, very devoted to their religion and their families and their people. They do love that tourism is growing in Morocco, and is helping their country in so many ways.

Did you get to get to explore anything off the beaten track? Any unique experiences?

Yes, we spent 1 night in the High Atlas Mountains, which had cooler temperatures and offers absolutely beautiful and breathtaking scenery and landscapes! Our lodge was located uphill at the top of a mountain. We definitely had time to chill out, do a bit of hiking throughout the local villages and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. We were definitely the only tourists in the area!

What was your favourite meal?

I did enjoy the Tangine dishes, but we did have a lot of it! We once ate at a local market where we all had skewers on the open flame and sauces that were delicious!

Did you do any shopping? What type of souvenirs did you pick up? Spices, textiles, robes, slippers, carpets…there are so many options! Did you have to negotiate for all your purchases, or did you find that you just paid the asking price?

There was fantastic shopping in most of the cities! Spices, carpets, argon oil, honey, leather items including shoes, handbags and jackets, scarves and local clothing. You always negotiate the prices, start at 50% of what the merchants are asking. If shopping at the women’s cooperatives, you do not negotiate the price.

Any final thoughts or comments?

I loved Morocco! It is a great place for someone who likes to experience a different culture, religion and food.  It is a beautiful and diverse country that offers beach escapes, mountain lodges, little country resorts and lively cities such as Marrakech! It’s so unique!


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