January 2020
Trip to Jordan
Top Tips for a Trip to Jordan! Jordan is the perfect destination for combining a love for hiking, diving, culture and history. It also has delicious food and very welcoming people. A trip to Jordan is quite easy to navigate by yourself due to its small size and because it is considered relatively safe. However...
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10 Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventures You Can Have in Alaska Alaska is a land of endless exploration and adventure — in fact, there are so many possibilities here, it can be hard to choose! The solution? Read through this list of only-in-Alaska thrills, pick one or two that really resonate with you, then use them as the...
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Costa Rica, Volcano, Arenal
Costa Rica, a leading destination in ecotourism, is an extremely biologically diverse country, offering tourists chance to explore beaches, rainforests, volcanoes and see an abundance of wildlife and differing cultures despite its relatively small size. Here we break down 6 different adventures you can have in this fascinating country, therefore ensuring you do not miss...
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Expedition Cruise, Galapagos, blue-footed boobies
Take an Expedition Cruise to the Galapagos Islands Within the Pacific Ocean, about 998 km (620 miles) off Ecuador’s coast, you will find a World Heritage site and hugely popular travel destination:  the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands include an archipelago of about 19 islands and many smaller islets nearby. First, you’ll fly to mainland...
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Camera, Passport, Bag, bucket list
A new year – and new decade – is upon us. If your resolution isn’t “travel more,” it should be! Whether you want to travel for vacation time, travel for learning experiences, or travel to make great memories with loved ones, there is a destination that is perfect for you. Here are our top 3...
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