Top Tips for a Trip to Jordan

Trip to Jordan

Top Tips for a Trip to Jordan!

Jordan is the perfect destination for combining a love for hiking, diving, culture and history. It also has delicious food and very welcoming people. A trip to Jordan is quite easy to navigate by yourself due to its small size and because it is considered relatively safe. However arguably small group tours are the best way to see Jordan if you are travelling ‘solo’ because of the opportunities they provide; having a local guide who speaks the language can be invaluable as they can provide you with insider tips.

When planning a trip to Jordan, around seven days would be an ideal amount of time so that you can explore Amman, as well as include the following gems in your itinerary:


There is a variety of museums, outdoor markets to explore and opportunities to try authentic Jordanian food as well as haggle your way to a great bargain.


Named a World Heritage Site, UNESCO has described Petra as “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s heritage”. Wander round and see how incredible architecture has been carved into the walls of this desert canyon. An excellent walking destination, the only transportation available in Petra is by camel, donkey or horse. Be amazed by the magnificent Siq and be sure not to miss the fascinating Royal Tombs and Roman Theatre.

Wadi Rum

A desert safari here led by Bedouin nomads on ‘The Valley of the Moon’ will almost inevitably be a highlight of your trip. You can take guided hikes, ride camels or horses, go sandboarding or even take a spectacular hot air balloon ride over the desert!

The Dead Sea

Visit the lowest point on earth to relax and unwind by floating in the
Dead Sea or enjoying a mud wrap.

The above places are great for solo female travelers because they are safe and attract many tourists from around the world. If you have longer than 7 days to play with, then scuba diving in the Red Sea and around the coastal town of Aqaba is recommended, as is visiting the Roman ruins in the northern town of Jerash.

Some tips for women travelers:
  • Observe local rules concerning dress; you don’t want to draw undue attention to yourself so try to ensure your ankles, elbows and shoulders are covered. Scarves will definitely come in use! In some areas like Petra, where there are more tourists, you will notice a wider variety of dress, but it is better to err on the side of traditional if in doubt.
  • Do not make lingering eye contact; this can be misconstrued as flirting and may give rise to unwanted attention. Sunglasses can help!
  • Be aware that it is not customary for women to sit in the front seat of a taxi.

Overall a trip to Jordan will enable you to experience an amazing mix of ancient treasures alongside modern wonders. The friendliness of the locals are what many people returning from Jordan comment on and with so many awesome sights to see and flavors to taste, you are bound to have an incredible journey in Jordan.

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