Why Bali Should Be On Your Bucket List


Bali has long been a favourite destination of mine. I first went as a teenager over 12 years ago with my family when Bali was still relatively unknown to tourists. Having been back multiple times since, I have seen the island change quite dramatically, but it is definitely still possible to find that desired idyllic island escape in Bali. Here I will outline some of the main reasons why Bali should be on your travel bucket-list.

Value for money once in destination

You will be amazed at how far your money will get you in Bali. From incredible accommodation, whether that be a private villa with pool or a resort-style room with top-notch service in somewhere like Nusa Dua, to delicious local produce such as fresh exotic fruit, seafood and the Balinese staple of Nasi Goreng, you will honestly leave Bali wondering how you managed to enjoy such luxuries with so much of your holiday budget left! Let’s not get started on the shopping opportunities either; from local markets where you engage in bartering to high-end boutique stores, Bali has all of your shopping needs covered.

Balinese culture and things to do

The buzzing town of Ubud is the ideal location for lovers of crafts, arts and markets and while in Ubud, don’t miss out on a visit to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Just be sure to hold tight to your belongings, particularly loose items like sunglasses as the monkeys are very adept at grabbing them and running off! Bali also has an abundance of temples too; Uluwatu Hindu temple, home to monkeys as well, is set on a stunning cliff-side and features an evening performance every day of the traditional Kecak dance. This is particularly spectacular if it coincides with sunset. Other activities worth doing if you are feeling active include a sun-rise hike up Mount Batur; this can be challenging in parts but on a clear day you are treated to wonderful views from the top. It is even possible to have a breakfast of eggs cooked in the natural volcanic steam. Jimbaran is also lovely and home to some great on-the-beach restaurants, or you could hit up trendy Seminyak for some affordable luxury. Be sure as well to check out the village of Canggu if you are after some great surfing opportunities combined with a laid-back atmosphere. Finally, you are never far from some spectacular views and photo opportunities in Bali; your camera roll and Instagram feed will no doubt be filled with endless shots of rice fields, ornate temples and glowing sunsets by the end of your trip!

A place for wellness

Bali is becoming synonymous with wellness and is somewhere people frequent to chill out, practice yoga and mindfulness in stunning surroundings, enjoy excellent local food and go to for top spas and relaxing massages at a fraction of the price which you would pay back at home.

Where to go

For a small island, Bali has a couple of distinct sides so it depends what you are after from your trip. On the one hand you have the very touristy areas such as Kuta, which are built up and cater to Western tourists, particularly Australians. On the other hand, you have areas of the island which are relatively untouched like Candidasa on the east coast. While it is becoming known to tourists, particularly those interested in snorkeling and diving, it still retains much of its local charm and offers a quieter option to that of Kuta. If you are looking to relax and unwind in top accommodation at very affordable prices, enjoy some excellent food and the hospitality of the Balinese locals, then somewhere like Candidasa is for you!

However, probably above all, the reason why I go back to Bali year upon year is for the local people. They are some of the friendliest and most genuine people you will ever meet. Even as a solo traveller, I always felt safe in Bali and found that in all my interactions with Balinese locals, they were helpful and almost always just wanting to practise their English with me! Regardless of whether I was in a small village or a bustling town, when I saw a moped whizzing along the road loaded with family members and everything but the kitchen sink, I lost track of the number of times I would see a smiling child in pristine white school uniform waving back at me.

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