Why Travel Agents Are More Relevant Than Ever – Part 1

Travel Agents

Travel agents have arguably never been more relevant and this two-part blog series will outline some key reasons for this. So as you think about your travel plans for 2020 and beyond, consider a travel advisor; they can assist a range of travelers from solo adventurers to group bookings.

  1. Travel is becoming more and more complex:
  • Each year airlines are bringing out new fare options. For example, it can be bamboozling as to whether your checked bag is included in the price that you see, or if you need to pay a charge each way for your suitcase or advanced seat selection. How much more is an exit row seat and when is this amount paid? Have you opted for a basic economy fare with restrictive cancellation and change penalties? The answers to these types of questions will vary per airline and keeping up with the changes can feel like a full-time job in itself. Therefore, by sorting through and clarifying this information for you, this is the first way that a travel agent can make your life easier.
  • Resorts and cruise lines are constantly introducing new bundle options and promotions. Travel professionals will also have special access to a range of packages and deals which you will not and they can assist you in working out what best fits your needs and preferences. Therefore they will likely save you money than if you booked yourself but will certainly deliver you value, even if they charge you a fee. They are also immersed daily in the travel world and attend events informing and educating them so that they are up to date with industry news. For instance, they can tell you that in fact the Bahamas were not totally destroyed by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019 despite this being the message the media portrayed. In fact many of the Bahamian islands were not affected and were ready and waiting to welcome tourists.


  1. Travel agents can help you out in difficult or uncomfortable situations:
  • Although you do not want to think negatively about your vacation, travel agents become especially valuable when you find yourself unexpectedly in trouble or with an issue. You know who to call and how to contact them to explain your situation. They can then save you time and money because many airlines and hotels have specific contact numbers designed only for agents. Furthermore, The Travel Assurance Fund could provide a potential source of compensation for customers if they do not end up having the services delivered to them that they paid for. This might be because a company has gone bankrupt or ceased operations. However to even be eligible for this financial protection in these unforeseen situations, clients must have booked with a licensed B.C. travel agency in the first place.

Stay tuned for the next part of this blog series where we will delve further into how a travel advisor can save you time and stress, particularly vital in this day and age!