What is a Heritage Hotel and why should I stay?

Heritage Hotel
What is a Heritage Hotel? And Why You Should Visit One

No matter what trip you go on, you are going to have to consider accommodations. Will you spend your nights sleeping in a cabin aboard a cruise ship, are you interested in shared-spaces like a hostel, or do you want a high-end experience at a name brand hotel? Hotels are a common choice. They are stationed in several cities, are hosted by numerous reputable brands, and can cater to any budget. Not to mention you can “pick” what part of the city you want to stay in. However, there are many different types of hotels that can enhance your stay. Enter- the heritage hotel.


Heritage Hotels 101

But what exactly are “heritage hotels”? Heritage hotels are structures or locations that hold historical or cultural significance of the place in which they are found. Maybe they were built centuries ago and are still standing or maybe they were once a temple or castle, converted into a friendly and wondrous place for guests to vacation.

Historical hotels hold importance to the area in which they are stationed. That makes staying at one a bit of a “bonus” for guests, whose very lodgings are part of the story of the city in which they find themselves.


Famous Heritage Hotels

There are many well-known heritage hotels in the world. For example, the Tavanipupu Private Island Resort in the Solomon Islands or the Galle Face Hotel in Sri Lanka.

Private Island Resort is part of an area that was sold to Norwegian traders back in the late 1800s. Galle Face Hotel was a popular meeting place for colonial men over 150 years ago and, throughout the more modern years, has hosted the likes of Richard Nixon and Mahatma Gandhi.

Los Angeles even has its own heritage hotel: the downtown ACE Hotel, which has been around since 1927 and was originally built by silent-films stars including Charlie Chaplin.


How Can I Visit a Heritage Hotel?

Heritage hotels can be part of a travel package or tour. For example, our Mysteries of India vacation package will have you stay at a heritage hotel in Bikaner, India. The trip itself is filled with history, from meeting the town elders of a traditional village to seeing the world-famous Taj Mahal. Hence, a stay over at a heritage hotel makes sense and even elevates the experience overall.


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