April 2020
Mountain Gorillas
8 Facts about the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda Gorillas are fascinating because they emulate so many human behaviors. Playful, inquisitive, and docile, these majestic beasts hold a truly special place in the animal kingdom. In 1847, the genus was called “Troglodytes” and was renamed “Gorilla” in 1852. Gorillas are divided into two subspecies: Western lowland...
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Temples of Egypt
4 Must-See Temples of Egypt   When people think about traveling to Egypt, temples and ancient structures tend to pop to mind. Egypt has some of the most recognizable temples in the world, many of which are extraordinarily well-preserved and open to visitors. Any savvy traveler will want to see one or two of them...
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Travel Agents
I’m too busy, tired, there are not enough hours in the day… how many times do thoughts like these cross your mind on a daily basis? Well thankfully this is where travel agents can come into their own. Read on to find out why you are missing out by not using a travel advisor and...
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Solo Traveller
The Cost-Conscious Solo Traveller: How to Travel Independently on a Budget Traveling alone can be a hugely rewarding experience. You can move at your own pace, meditate on your surroundings, feel empowered, and meet new people. For some people, traveling alone is a necessity and for others, simply a preference. Either way, we know that...
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