The Cost-Conscious Solo Traveller

Solo Traveller

The Cost-Conscious Solo Traveller: How to Travel Independently on a Budget

Traveling alone can be a hugely rewarding experience. You can move at your own pace, meditate on your surroundings, feel empowered, and meet new people. For some people, traveling alone is a necessity and for others, simply a preference. Either way, we know that budget can be an obstacle for single travelers—and we’re here to help.

Travel Agents Are Here To Help

The first thing you need to know is that using a travel agent, like Lloyds Travel & Cruises, does not automatically make your trip more expensive. Let your travel agent know that you are traveling alone and looking for vacations—and pricing—that keeps that in mind.

For the most part, travel suppliers prefer to work with travel agencies, meaning that you will find offers and events with us that would otherwise be beyond your reach. That’s what we’re here for: using our professional connections to find you the best travel experience that meets your expectations and your budget. We promise to help you gain access to exclusive rates and off-the-beaten-track experiences.


Solo Travel Ideas

  1. Idyllic Bali: A Solo Adventure

Starting at $1036.

This trip is for solo travelers only and an extra $240 will snag you your own room for the 9-day tour. During the trip, you will enjoy a Campuhan Ridge and village walk, watch a Kecak dance performance, participate in a sunrise volcano climb, stop by Banjar hot springs, see the Bali Botanical Gardens, and more.


  1. Travelling Solo in Vietnam – Southbound Express

Starting at $1132.

Travel from historical Hanoi to modern Ho Chi Minh City on a solo-traveler-only adventure. Sip coffee with locals in Hanoi and shop up a storm in the Old Quarter, cruise along emerald waters on a Halong Bay boat trip, travel through old-world Hue and Hoi An, and get lost in the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City.


  1. Magical Morocco

Starting at $1149.

There’s no better way to spend just under two weeks than traveling around majestic, marvelous, magical Morocco. In a country with no shortage of highlights, we make sure to hit all the main ones, including Fes, Chefchaouen, the Atlas Mountains, plenty of souks to shop in and medinas to explore, and a camel ride through the desert.


  1. Essential Peru

Starting at $1539.


Climb the legendary Inca Trail of Peru to the cloud forest citadel of Machu Picchu, dine the traditional way at a ceremonial Pachamanca feast, or take an optional flight over the Nazca Lines—the adventure is yours to choose, providing plenty of flexibility so you can experience an adventure you’ll never forget.


Solo Traveller? No Problem!

There are plenty of easy and budget friendly ways to travel on your own. Not sure where to start? Send us a message or call us at 1.800.800.7252 and we can help you get started.