Why Travel Agents Are More Relevant Than Ever – Part 2

Travel Agents

I’m too busy, tired, there are not enough hours in the day… how many times do thoughts like these cross your mind on a daily basis? Well thankfully this is where travel agents can come into their own. Read on to find out why you are missing out by not using a travel advisor and why millennials are rapidly becoming the section of the population who might benefit the most from using one!

Time Savers

An agent can save you so much time and stress which is particularly crucial in this day and age when you are trying to balance demanding work schedules and maintain a work-life balance. Vacation time is valuable and you want to be able to enjoy not only the getaway, but the time leading up to it. Travel agents can do the research for you and can be the one to contact airlines, hotels and booking companies on your behalf so that you do not have to. Do you really have time to sit on hold for hours a day, alongside your full-time job?

Trusted Advisors

If you work a full-time job (or multiple jobs!),  and have a family to raise you don’t really have time to spare. While reading and researching about destinations can be enjoyable, physically turning that endless scrolling online into the planning of that trip takes time; you need to be able to glean what is important, true and relevant about the prices you are seeing and the places you are reading about. Millennials have grown up surrounded by the internet and Instagram filters and therefore are the generation who has learnt the best that what they read or see online might not actually be as it appears. Consequently, they tend to be more conscious than some other generations when it comes to confirming possible travel ‘deals’. Travel agents provide that human element and can bring about trust. They listen to what you are after, suggest options, listen again and adapt accordingly. Most travel agents have travelled extensively themselves and if they haven’t been somewhere, the chances are one of their colleagues will have. This means they are well placed to advise you and give you local tips.

Financial Protection

Lastly, we can’t stress this one enough. If you choose to book your travel through a licensed agent in BC you are protecting yourself and your investment in your vacation. Unfortunately, from time to time a supplier or vendor has difficulties in providing you with the service you have paid for. An example of this could be airline bankruptcy. 2019 alone saw 23 airlines file for bankruptcy, including WOW Air and Thomas Cook, whose sudden service stoppages affected thousands of travellers. Once they announce bankruptcy you not only lose your airline ticket, but they are under no obligation to refund your money. We know you work hard and save diligently to afford your dream vacation, and by booking though a licensed agent in BC you have access to the Travel Assurance Fund in case of scenarios such as bankruptcy and more.

Planning a trip with a travel agent is a consultative process which will give rise to an adventure full of top memories. Are you ready to begin that adventure? Reach out to the agent who you think will best serve your needs – you can read their profile here and find their contact details by clicking their name. Additionally, connect with us on social media to give you a flavor of some of the things we can help you to experience!