May 2020
spaghetti alla Carbonara
Spaghetti alla Carbonara is a traditional Italian recipe that will take your dinner night to the beautiful cobblestone streets of Italy. This traditional dish is from the Lazio region in Italy. However, there are speculations that the dish is a delicacy inherited in the northern part of Italy in Polesine. Nearby countries have also argued...
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Overnight Train Asia
An overnight train ride in Asia is certainly an experience and one that often gives rise to many stories! Here I will highlight what to expect and what to bring with you to help you enjoy your journey. Research is always the best preparation, especially if you are travelling solo or are not a fan...
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Covid-19 Family Masks
It has been interesting to see the various responses from countries around the world regarding their borders and residents to prevent the spread of COVID-19. From stranded cruise ships to cancelled flights, travellers around the world struggled during the start of this pandemic to get home.  However, over the past few weeks we have seen...
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