COVID-19 Updates Around the World

Covid-19 Family Masks

It has been interesting to see the various responses from countries around the world regarding their borders and residents to prevent the spread of COVID-19. From stranded cruise ships to cancelled flights, travellers around the world struggled during the start of this pandemic to get home.  However, over the past few weeks we have seen improvement in some areas of the world and restrictions have started to change. The following information consists of the latest updates on select countries around the world.



Bondi Beach Australia

One of Australia’s leading health officials said that South Australia should be considered as one of the safest places in the world. Last week Queensland hadn’t reported any new cases since Monday. The entire country reported just 16 new cases on April 24th. Later next week the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, will consider easing lockdown restrictions. Beaches have begun to reopen such as the world famous Bondi beach to surfers and swimmers for exercise only. The Prime Minister is ready to “restart our society” as he said in response to their great progress. Neighbouring country New Zealand has been able to track the origins of each new case resulting in releasing restrictions on their lockdown as well.



Italian Cafe

Italy was affected early on and was forced to take extreme measures in early March. Although still discovering new cases lately, they have been able to lift some restrictions allowing some people to go back to work, relatives are able to reunite, and that fine Italian coffee can be enjoyed again as cafes are allowed to reopen for takeout


South Korea

Korean Baseball League

Last Tuesday the nation only reported three new cases. Schools have begun to reopen in small steps starting with high school seniors on May 13. South Korea’s biggest move (in global news) was starting their professional baseball season this week. One of the first professional sports leagues to return to action in the world. The season has begun with no spectators allowed in the stadium. Broadcasting has become popular due to the demand of live sports around the world. Craving to watch some live sports? ESPN has agreed to air the games on the American network. To find more information around the league click here.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica Waterfall

Although the spread of COVID-19 is still rising it has slowed considerably since the middle of April. As of May 3rd they have a total of 739 confirmed cases and 6 deaths. Costa Ricans have been very supportive of the public health measures taken by President Carlos Alvarado. Alvarado announced on April 27th that the country will ease restrictions starting May 1st. Some of these restrictions include during weekdays between 5 am and 7pm, movie theatres can open at half capacity and non-contact sports facilities including gyms can also open at quarter capacity. On the weekends during the same hours barber shops, beauty salons and auto repair shops can operate at half capacity. However, beaches (which were closed on March 23rd) will still remain closed to the public until at least mid-May. The nation is re-evaluating the measures every two weeks.


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