Travel the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains along the border of B.C. and Alberta are truly a sight to behold. Visitors are treated to towering mountain cliffs, lush pine forests, serene bodies of water and energetic falls, deer and bears and other wildlife, and more. Travel the Rocky Mountains and you’ll be treated to crisp, fresh air and plenty of photo-worthy vistas.  

All Canadians should see the Rocky Mountains a few times in their life. Places like Banff and Lake Louise are must-sees of the Canadian landscape. Even if you’ve been, there’s always something new to see. That’s the beauty of Central and West Coast wilderness.  

Become a Rocky Mountaineer  

Our Rocky Mountaineer trip will take you by train from your choice of Vancouver or Calgary, through Banff and Lake Louise, with a stop in Kamloops, and then back to the city of your choice.  

Plus, you’ll get to travel by train. This opens you up to see new parts of the Rocky Mountain landscape that may not be available to others. Your cabin sports oversized glass-dome windows for taking in the spectacular views. You can use the small outdoor viewing platform to get a better look. 

The cost includes a trip to Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension Bridge; a National Parks Pass; a Panoramic Helicopter Tour; a Banff Gondola; a trip up the Calgary Tower; and the Vancouver Lookout. You’ll spend the night in Vancouver, Kamloops, Lake Louise, Banff, and Calgary 

Visit Banff  

Banff (city) is packed with shopping opportunities, sightseeing, and heritage sites. If you have ever been, you’ll recognize the “small town” charm of their Main Street shops, here you’ll find things like unique clothing boutiques and candy shops. You might visit the Banff hot springs or tour the Banff Castle Hotel. They have skating rinks, skiing, snowshoeing, and more.  

See Lake Louise  

Lake Louise is still within the Banff National Park borders. Here, you’ll find the aforementioned lake, often shining a bright turquoise-blue when it’s sunny. In the area, you can canoe, go horseback riding, take a hike, and more.  

Ready to Travel the Rocky Mountains in 2021?

This is a great way to travel your own backyard in the New Year while still keeping safety and health in mind. If you book before February 26, 2021, you can save up to $1400 per couple.  

Looking for another trip or another date? Contact us today. We’re booking into 2022 and beyond.