Back to Nature: Try These 6 Eco-Retreats in B.C.

Eco-Retreats in B.C.

Eco-retreats in B.C. are surging in popularity lately. We want to help you take advantage of this cool new trend.

What is an Eco-Retreat? 

An eco-retreat (or eco-lodge) is a hospitality suite that takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint and give back to the community in which it is situated. If you care about ethical tourism, then these are the venues for you. Most come with the bonus of being more embedded within the landscape on which they are built—perhaps a beach-side cottage or an isolated mountain cabin.

Eco-retreats cut back on big-budget luxuries for the sake of environmental consciousness. But don’t get us wrong: they are still modern, comfy, and incredibly satisfying places to stay.

6 Eco-Retreats in B.C.

These are just some of the amazing eco-lodges and eco-retreats available in B.C. right now.

  1. Sasquatch Crossing Eco Lodge (Agassiz, BC)

Sasquatch Crossing Eco Lodge is a private getaway in the heart of the Lower Mainland with comfortable accommodations on a richly historied property. The surrounding area offers plenty of opportunities for kayaking, birding, mountain biking, and sport fishing. Here, you can also arrange an authentic local First Nations cultural experience, workshop, or tour.

  1. Cabana Desolation Eco Resort (Powell River, BC)

Cabana Desolation Eco Resort is a comfortably designed, all-inclusive eco-resort located on an uninhabited island in the heart of Desolation Sound. They offer guests both guided and self-service sea kayak packages to tour the waters around the beautiful island. The attached Cabana Café uses fresh and locally sourced ingredients for its menu.

  1. Kootenay Eco-Retreats & Adventures (Slocan, BC)

Kootenay Eco-Retreats & Adventures offers both summer and winter retreats with an assortment of season-specific adventure activities. The resort itself is based out of the off-grid, solar-powered eco-center called WhitePines Dojo in Slocan, BC. They offer all-inclusive yoga and ski retreat packages, which come with gourmet meals and local transportation.

  1. Stoltz Bluff Eco-Retreat (Duncan, BC)

Stoltz Bluff Eco-Retreat is in the middle of the beautiful Cowichan Valley and is what is known as a “cob” structure, a traditional building method using walls made of clay, sand, and straw. This lodging uses solar panels for power, has its own constructed wetland for waste-water treatment, and is set up for rainwater collection and solar hot water.

  1. Nipika Mountain Resort (Radium Hot Springs, BC)

Nipika Mountain Resort offers luxurious, self-contained log cabins, surrounded by majestic mountain views. Nipika is a year-round adventure destination with guided activity options that include cross-country ski lessons in the winter and alpine day hikes and canoe trips on the Kootenay River in the summer. The cabins are eco-friendly and source power from the sun and surrounding forest.

  1. WILDPOD Glamping (Tofino, BC)

WILDPOD Glamping is a luxury glamping experience for adults (no pets), consisting of six geodesic domes sitting on the edge of Tofino’s downtown core directly on the waterfront. The eco-friendly pods are easy walking distance to everything the town has to offer—bars, restaurants, shops, boat and eco-tours, kayaking, seaplanes, bike rentals, and more.

Ready to Book an Eco-Retreat?

Eco-retreats are one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint while you vacation. Contact us for help booking your next eco-retreat in B.C.