Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is added protection for you and your family when it comes to incurring potential losses during international or domestic travel. Typically, traveler’s insurance is used as a safety net in the event of emergency medical procedures while away from home. Here are 5 reasons why travelers’ insurance is important to have. 

Medical Expenses  

Many countries have very high health care costs that can catch visitors off-guard. An overnight stay in a South Asian hospital, for example, may lose you upward of $800 per night. And, of course, you’ve probably already heard horror stories about health care expenses in the United States. Travel insurance will pay these costs and ensure that a broken toe or surprise infection doesn’t land you in serious debt.  

Help Overseas  

In the case of an emergency, travels insurance makes sure that you have a contact person who’s on your side with recommendations and answers to all your questions. This can give you peace of mind, particularly if you are traveling somewhere where you don’t speak the language and might have difficulty locating assistance services on your own. The insurance agent will know the local contacts you need and can guide you through tough circumstances step-by-step.  

Luggage Protection  

Travelers’ insurance can protect your luggage, too. If your luggage is lost or stolen, travelers’ insurance can reimburse you for the important items that you will need to replace before you are able to continue your trip (or head home). This is particularly important if you are carrying expensive electronics or jewelry, et cetera, while traveling.  

Trip Disruption  

There are plenty of reasons your trip might not progress as planned. Maybe you have a sudden family emergency and can no longer go. Or the flights are grounded due to a bad storm. Or a worldwide event has resulted in a no-fly zone. You don’t want to exclusively count on the generosity of airlines if something like this happens. Travel insurance will reimburse you for the price of your unused tickets or help you to secure replacements at little to no cost.  

Investment Protection  

Most people who spend $5000+ to book a nice trip cannot afford to throw that investment away should something unexpected come up. People save up all year for a special vacation package or cruise and losing it all would be a travesty beyond comprehension. Travel insurance protects the investment that you have most likely poured months or years of time and resources into. 

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