B.C. Kayaking

Kayaking and canoeing in British Columbia is a great way to incorporate travel, adventure, and an appreciation of nature into one exciting activity. B.C. boasts plenty of lakes, rivers, and bays for water sports enthusiasts to enjoy.

B.C. Kayaking Packages

Here are a few options to pick from if you are looking to add a kayaking or canoeing adventure to your West Coast vacation plans.

  1. Spirit of the West Adventures

Spirit of the West Adventures offers multiday kayaking tours that range from 4-8 days. Choose from waterscape destinations like Blackfish Sound, Johnstone Strait, Desolation Sound, and Broughton Archipelago. Check out their Orca Family Tours for a tour that caters to families with kids.

  1. Coast Mountain Expeditions

Coast Mountain Expeditions has been providing kayaking tours for over 33 years to locals and visitors alike. They have an option to build your own custom kayaking tour, which is great if you’re a B.C. native looking for something more unique.

  1. Powell River Sea Kayak

Powell River Sea Kayak offers day tours, multi-day tours, equipment rentals, kayak lessons, and even used items for sale at the end of the busy season. Their venue is a perfect launching point for Desolate Sound Marine Park, the Strait of Georgie, the Discovery Islands, and Toba Inlet.

  1. West Coast Expeditions

West Coast Expeditions kayak adventures can take you through the outer coast of Kyuquot Sound, Checleset Bay, the Bunsby Islands, and to the Brooks Peninsula. Pick trip lengths of 1 day up to 8 days. Keep your eye out for sea otters, too.

  1. Self-Lead Kayaking Trip

Don’t forget that many places offer rental kayaking and canoeing equipment that you can borrow and use at your leisure. Don’t see a package here that speaks to you? Invent your own!

Here are some things to consider if you plan your own kayak or canoe trip:

  • Equipment – What do you need for your adventure? Where do you plan to rent or buy it? Will you bring any of your own supplies?
  • Waterproofing – What will you be carrying with you and do you have waterproof packaging for everything? Always bring a few extra air-tight plastic bags…just in case. Consider whether you will need a waterproof camera or waterproof phone case for taking pictures and videos.
  • Safety – Is everyone on your team a fair swimmer? Do you have someone who is first aid certified with you? What safety items should you pack along?
  • Lodging – Where will you be staying at the end of the day? Will you need multiple reservations of you plan on a multi-day excursion?

Where to Stay in British Columbia?

Where you stay will depend on where you book your kayaking or canoeing excursion. You have plenty of options available here in B.C., from heritage hotels like the Fairmont Empress Express in Victoria; short-term vacation rentals on Vancouver Island; or large-scale guest houses for bigger groups.

Talk to one of our experienced travel specialist today and they’ll help you plan your perfect trip!