Adventure Knitting

What is “adventure knitting”? There are many trips and vacations that can be planned around a hobby or special interest. Some might call this special interest tours. Basically, it’s an extended vacation tailored to a specific hobby or activity. You’ll find special interest tours that center around things like golf, cycling, wine, wellness, or (yes!) knitting.  

Edmonton & Yellowknife Adventure Knitting Tour 

Our Edmonton & Yellowknife Adventure Knitting Tour is a 10-day trip that starts in Edmonton and ends in Yellowknife, as the name suggests. The trip will have you sightseeing in both cities and comes with worry-free, pre-planned accommodations. Breakfasts and itinerary-allotted meals are included!  

The trip has a good balance of knitting and non-knitting activities. For knitting fanatics, there is a special knitting activity upon arrival in Edmonton, a knitting workshop upon your arrival in Yellowknife, and a range of optional knitting socials in the evenings. The best part: this knitting tour is accessible to beginners and experts alike.  

As a bonus, you’ll also get to meet the owners, Barb and Cynthia, of River City Yarns in Edmonton. Plus, there are non-knitting activities included like: 

This knitting-oriented trip is the perfect blend of a hobby you love and exciting adventure you would never expect. Plus, there are a few “choose your own path” days where you can decide exactly how you want to spend your free time. It’s a perfect blend of comfort and adventure—excellent for all age groups, too!  

Who Are Special Interest Tours For? 

Simply put, special interest tours are for anyone. Hobby-centric travel will particularly appeal to those looking for a unique travel experience that perfectly blends adventure and leisure. If you love always having something to do, hobby adventure travel is for you.  

Adventure knitting is particularly special because by the end of it you’ll have a few yarn projects to keep as souvenirs to remind you of your trip. Handmade knitting items are 100X better than anything you’ll find in a gift shop or corner store!  

Other Types of Special Interest Tours  

So, knitting isn’t your thing. Not a problem. There are special interest tours for all sorts of hobbies and activities. For example, if you like cycling try the Baltic Sea Ocean Cruise Bike Tour. What about yoga and wellness? Try the Wellness Bali vacation package. Into golf? What about the Golf Expedition to Scotland & Ireland 

Adventure knitting is amazing (10/10, highly recommend) but we guarantee that whatever you are into, there is a trip made especially for you. Don’t believe us? Contact us at Lloyds Travel & Cruises and our expert travel agents will help match you to the perfect hobby trip, resort stay, or cruise.