Rocky Mountaineer Train

If you have ever driven from Vancouver to Banff you know the kind of majestic scenery that lays between these two destinations. Flying over the Rockies can also offer you a glimpse into the beauty of the region; But one truly amazing way to experience it is via train. This past July Wendy and Bruce were invited to join in a Rocky Mountaineer trip from Vancouver to Banff, where they got to take in the larger-than-life beauty in relaxing comfort and style.

Rocky Mountaineer External Shot

For anyone unfamiliar – Rocky Mountaineer is a Canadian-based rail tour company that offers luxurious and immersive rail experiences through BC, Alberta, Colorado & Utah. Their specially-designed train cars offer you exceptional, uninterrupted views, and the level of service onboard is unmatched.

Wendy & Bruce began their trip on July 4th, and went from Vancouver – Kamloops – Banff. This is one of the shorter journeys offered by the company, with just one overnight, in Kamloops. The train itself does not have sleeper cars. Instead, at each overnight destination, they transfer you and your luggage seamlessly from the train to a comfortable, high-end hotel. You then have the time to wander the town and chose dinner as you like.

Rocky Mountaineer Onboard

The real gem on these journeys is the train travel itself. For Canadian journeys there are two levels of service that you can choose between: SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf. Wendy and Bruce travelled GoldLeaf, and highly recommend it for a variety of reasons that we will delve into. However, this does not mean you should be deterred from booking SilverLeaf, which also offers the same levels of exceptional service, complimentary meals, beverages & snacks, as well as amazing scenery.

Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Interior

The GoldLeaf car stands out immediately, with its dual levels, exclusive outdoor viewing area, and full dome windows on the upper level. Onboard the comfort is second-to-none. The upper level consists of large reclining seats that are comfortable even for Bruce, who is over 6’ tall. The seats also reverse, meaning that if you are travelling as a group of 4 you can turn your seats to face one another. Wendy and Bruce spent their time up here soaking in the views through the domed windows, listening to the staff regale them with stories about the areas they passed through, pointing out sights all along the way. No one went hungry, as an abundance of snacks and drinks were provided.

Rocky Mountaineer Viewing Platform

The lower level of the GoldLeaf car consists of a dining room, and the aforementioned exclusive viewing platform. Breakfast and lunch are served in the dining car, with 2 dining times provided per meal. Wendy loved the food, and all of the options that were provided at each meal. The selection, presentation, taste, and service were wonderful. The gourmet meals combined with breathtaking scenery creates a truly fine-dining experience like no other.

Rocky Mountaineer Lunch

Though Wendy & Bruce’s journey was a short one, Rocky Mountaineer offers a number of impressive packages, so that you can extend your trip and enjoy some time off of the train as well. Packages ranging from 4-10 days offer you multiple opportunities to explore your destinations both on your own and on pre-arranged tours.

For more information on Rocky Mountaineer you can reach out to one of our experienced travel agents, who would be happy to help you find the journey that is right for you.