Bruce & Wendy’s Ethiopian Adventure

Bruce and Wendy’s Ethiopian Adventure: Exploring Addis Ababa

Bruce and Wendy left Vancouver on April 4th, eager to embark on a month-long tour through Africa. They chose Turkish Airlines for their journey, flying through Istanbul on their way to Addis Ababa. In Istanbul they had a two-hour layover, which they spent exploring the vibrant airport. The airport was full of local food delicacies and shops, making for an exciting and intriguing stop! They were happy to say that Turkish Airlines also exceeded their expectations, offering great meals and a comfortable flight.

The morning after their arrival in Addis Ababa on April 6th, Bruce and Wendy were met by a driver who would take them all around the city. Their first stop was the National Museum, where they enjoyed a one-hour tour. They were fascinated by the bones of Lucy, the ancient hominid discovered in Ethiopia in 1974, and a mock-up of her. The museum offered a glimpse into Ethiopia’s history and culture, and Bruce and Wendy were grateful to have had the opportunity to visit.

Their next stop was the top of a mountain overlooking Addis Ababa. Here, they saw many women carrying huge loads of branches down the mountain, a striking sight that highlighted the strength and resilience of the Ethiopian people.

After the mountain, the couple drove through the market area, where they saw a wide variety of commerce – food, electrical goods, clothing, hardware of all descriptions – nothing seemed to go to waste. They were amazed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Ethiopian people and the resourcefulness of the market sellers.

Bruce and Wendy made a stop at Romina Restaurant, where they got to enjoy some traditional Ethiopian food. The restaurant was filled with locals who were also enjoying their meals, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Bruce and Wendy were grateful to have had the opportunity to taste the flavours of Ethiopia and experience its vibrant culture.

After enjoying their delicious meal at Romina Restaurant, they continued their exploration of Addis Ababa. Their next stop was Eagle Hills, a converted train station where they enjoyed a cup of superb coffee. The unique atmosphere of the converted station and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee made for a memorable experience.

Following their coffee break, Bruce and Wendy continued on. They took in more of the city’s sights and sounds, immersing themselves in the culture and traditions of Ethiopia. Finally, they returned to their hotel for a delicious traditional dinner.

The dinner was a perfect end to their busy day of exploring the city. They indulged in the rich flavours of Ethiopian cuisine and enjoyed the warm hospitality of the local people. Bruce and Wendy were grateful for the opportunity to experience the diverse and vibrant culture of Ethiopia, and would recommend it to anyone looking for an exciting and unique travel experience. Overall, it was a wonderful way to begin their month in Africa.