A Day in Zambia – Bruce & Wendy’s African Adventure

Exploring Masi oa Tunya Park & Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia

After leaving Harare, Wendy & Bruce’s next stop was Livingstone, Zambia! Here they had the opportunity to explore Mosi-oa-Tunya Park and visit Victoria Falls.

After arriving in Livingstone by plane and taking a taxi to Ngoma Zanga Lodge, Wendy and Bruce woke up early the next morning to enjoy a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast, sausage, beans, and coffee. They were then met by Fricon Tours and Safari at the lodge and taken to Mosi-oa-Tunya Park in a large open-air Land Rover.

Over the course of three hours, Wendy and Bruce saw a variety of animals in the park, including white rhinos, zebras, impalas, warthogs, baboons, monkeys, hippos, and Cape buffalos! Their safari guide provided interesting loads of interesting information as they drove through the park.

Next, Wendy and Bruce asked to be dropped off at the entrance to Victoria Falls, which is also part of Mosi-oa-Tunya Park. They paid $20 USD for entrance to the park and walked down the path to get a close-up view of the magnificent falls. Feeling the spray from the falls was exhilarating, and they had a great time exploring the park!

After visiting Victoria Falls, Wendy and Bruce walked over to the elegant Livingstone Hotel, located on the Zambezi River. They enjoyed a lovely lunch and even saw zebras walking around the hotel grounds, which definitely made it an immersive experience!

After lunch, they took a taxi to the Livingstone Museum to learn more about the local history and culture. It was a fantastic day, filled with exciting wildlife sightings, stunning natural beauty, delicious food, and interesting cultural experiences.

Overall, Wendy and Bruce highly recommend visiting Livingstone, and exploring Masi oa Tunya Park and Victoria Falls. The park’s diverse wildlife and the falls’ breathtaking beauty make for an unforgettable experience. And the elegant accommodations, delicious food, and fascinating cultural experiences only add to the charm of this incredible destination.

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