Meet Our Crew

Vancouver office

Lesli Heron

Adventure Travel Specialist

Lesli got her first taste of the world outside Edmonton when she was 16 and her family moved to England on sabbatical. To quote Lesli, “that year changed my life”. Since then Lesli has travelled to 90+ countries over 6 continents, and travelling has become a passion!

Rhonda Therrien

Club Med Specialist

Rhonda has more than 20 years’ experience in customer service and travel sales. She started her career in the airline industry in customer relations, which still remains the focus and foundation of all her work.

Deborah Charles

Specialist in River & Ocean Cruising

Deborah has been in the travel industry for 25 years as a vacation and cruise specialist, and over those years, she has had the pleasure of cruising and touring many wonderful destinations in Europe, China, Australia and Africa.

Bruce Fougner


Bruce initially assisted his wife to negotiate contracts & advise on the strategic direction of the company. Today Bruce drives the growth of the company & is proud of its success, which he attributes to four things: our amazing people, our business model, our relationships, & our belief in giving back to our community.

Judy Fawcett

Travel Therapist & Knitting Tour Specialist

Judy’s passion for travel started when she was a child.  After reading the book “Heidi” her dream was to visit Switzerland.  That first trip to Switzerland as a young adult was everything Judy imagined and fuelled her desire to not only visit, but learn about the people and cultures of different countries. 

Wendy Fougner

Manager Director & Owner

Throughout her life, Wendy has travelled to well over a hundred countries by many different means – cruising across the seas by ship, biking and hiking challenging terrain, canoeing and rafting along wild rivers, skiing down snowy slopes, and driving through distant lands to name a few!

Lucas Sripathy

Leisure Travel & Corporate Travel

Lucas started his travel career after completing Travel Consultant and IATA courses at the Travel & Tourism College in Aarau Switzerland. Visiting as many countries as possible, blending in with locals, learning their culture and enjoying the local culinary became part of his life.

Tara Rafferty

Marketing Manager & Travel Support Co-ordinator

Tara got her first real taste of travel when she moved to Japan for work after completing university. While there she fell in love with the culture and the idea of living and working abroad.

Val Liddle

Travel Specialist

Val Liddle is a local speaker on seniors travel with over 26 years of experience in the travel industry. For many years Val owned her own travel agency, Arriva Classic Travel, and in the last 14 years she has developed a specialization in travel for solo seniors.

Kelly Young

Travel Consultant

Kelly is an experienced Travel Consultant who has worked in the travel industry for over 30 years specializing in cruises, coach tours, exotic adventures, and relaxing beach vacations. Her knowledge and expertise combined with her passion for travel provides you with an enjoyable and “worry-free” experience.

Joanne Gallagher

Travel Consultant

Joanne’s child like curiosity for everything travel has led her to work and live in many countries including; France, Switzerland, the British Isles and Brazil. Due to her years working as an international tour operator, she has firsthand experience with blending travel and business with the local people, their culture and their food. She would love to share this wealth of knowledge with her clients.

Julie Gillis

Corporate Travel & Team Travel

With 30 years as a Travel Consultant in BC and the UK, Julie does it all – both leisure and corporate travel. She is one of our Group Travel Experts, specializing in corporate incentive, family and sports groups, as well as some weddings.

Renata Nowak

Travel Consultant

Originating from Eastern Europe, Renata knows the ins and outs of Europe’s thriving culinary scene and historic beauty. If you are looking for an expertly crafted tour to Poland for example, Renata is the perfect agent for the job!

Christine Johnson

Travel Consultant

Being deeply involved in the Ocean Park community her whole life, Christine has a pulse on the traveling trends and needs of the locals. Having traveled extensively, Christine is excited to join the travel industry and looks forward to helping her clients discover new destinations and fulfill their travel dreams.

Thomas Harris

Senior Travel Consultant

Tom has been in the travel industry since 1980. After finishing university in Washington, he was recruited by Canadian Airlines. Some of his favourite travel destinations include Scandinavia, Russia, Cape Town, Greece and the High Arctic.

Graeme Farquharson

Senior Travel Consultant

Graeme is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to travel. He started his career looking after travel for people with disabilities, but now he specializes in everything! He’s been in the travel industry since 1986 and worked for many agencies before landing at Lloyds.