Joanne Gallagher

Travel Consultant


Joanne has over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. During her career she has worked in business, hospitality, government and tourism; meaning that she has an in-depth understanding of the travel industry. Joanne holds a recent MBA in General Management (Science Based), which gives her a unique perspective on business within travel.

Joanne’s child like curiosity for everything travel has led her to work and live in many countries including; France, Switzerland, the British Isles and Brazil.  Due to her years working as an international tour operator, she has firsthand experience with blending travel and business with the local people, their culture and their food.  She would love to share this wealth of knowledge with her clients.

One of Joanne’s favourite places is Locarno, Switzerland, where she lived and worked. She believes this is a very special location due to its’ Swiss efficiency and Italian flare! Joanne has also travelled extensively across the USA & Canada and created and conducted small and large groups tours through Canada, China, Japan, Thailand, Bali and Hong Kong – to name a few!

Australia, Tahiti, and Fiji, have been on Joanne’s wish list for many years; she is keen to travel there one day.


Bleisure Travel90%
The Arts & Languages 70%
Immersive World Travel100%
Luxury Travel & Experiences85%

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