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Lucas started his travel career after completing Travel Consultant and IATA courses at the Travel & Tourism College in Aarau Switzerland. Visiting as many countries as possible, blending in with locals, learning their culture and enjoying the local culinary became part of his life.

When Lucas was young he used to look at a full colour world map in his room, and he would dream of seeing all those countries and cities on the beautiful planet we live on. Lucas was determined that his goal in life would be to travel the world, which he is still doing at every single opportunity.

In 1995 Lucas moved to Vancouver, where he worked for Omni Sports Holiday, Lancia Travel, then Travel Headquarters in 1998. Lucas joined Lloyds Travel & Cruises on the 12th of February 2013.

Living in Switzerland for many years gave Lucas the best opportunity to tour most of the European countries. Whenever he had extended holidays he would visit South & Central America, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, North America and Hawaii.


Gym & Exercise100%
Food, Beer & Wine90%
Adventure & Luxury Travel80%
Nature, History & Culture90%

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