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Originating from Eastern Europe, Renata knows the ins and outs of Europe’s thriving culinary scene and historic beauty.  If you are looking for an expertly crafted tour to Poland for example, Renata is the perfect agent for the job!

She has a passion for putting together custom itineraries and sending people on adventures. Off the beaten track journeys, coach tours and river cruises are some of her specialisms.   Not only this, but Renata was awarded Rocky Mountaineer’s “Travel Agent of the Year in North America” in 2004 – showing that hard work really does pay off.  If you’ve never embarked on a Rocky Mountaineer journey, then speak to Renata! She will have all the answers to your questions and more, since she has been on the Rocky Mountaineer at least ten times on all routes!

When Renata travels around the world, she always includes a trip to the Ballet or the Opera.  When Renata is not travelling, she spends her time hiking or skiing in the mountains.  Her love of both the outdoors and the arts is what motivates her every decision. If you have similar interests to Renata, she would be eager to talk with you and discuss the best way to incorporate these into your adventures.


“Renata Nowak’s tour of Poland was the best that I have ever enjoyed… The recent trip to Poland explored all the fascinating must see sights, as well as many little known intriguing places and activities, including an impromptu invitation to a historic national concert! The luxurious accommodations varied from a Tuetonic Castle to ultra modern in great locations.  The food was wonderful, but the breakfasts were incredible! Our main guide gave far more than his job description entailed. Each place had a knowledgeable guide as well.  There were so many superb experiences that it is impossible for me to choose just one highlight!  For really getting to know Poland, I highly recommend this tour.”  – Patricia S


Arts & Theatre Events85%
Hiking, Skiing & Outdoor Activities78%
Rocky Mountaineer Journeys70%
Eastern Europe Travel95%

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