Tara Rafferty Lloyds Travel

Tara Rafferty

Marketing Manager & Travel Support Coordinator


Tara got her first real taste of travel when she moved to Japan for work after completing university. While there she fell in love with the culture and the idea of living and working abroad. She has travelled extensively through Asia, working and volunteering along the way. Her biggest travel accomplishment so far was to follow the path of George Orwell through Burma – a dream 4 years in the making.

In 2011 Tara moved back to Canada and decided to study Travel and Tourism Business Management. Though fairly new to the industry she has a lot of experience to draw on and is excited about the opportunity to help inspire curiosity and the desire to travel in others.


Family Travel70%
Teaching English Abroad100%
Japanese Culture85%

Contact Info

Email: Tara@lloydstravel.com | Phone: 604-872-5464