Temples of Egypt
4 Must-See Temples of Egypt   When people think about traveling to Egypt, temples and ancient structures tend to pop to mind. Egypt has some of the most recognizable temples in the world, many of which are extraordinarily well-preserved and open to visitors. Any savvy traveler will want to see one or two of them...
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Camera, Passport, Bag, bucket list
A new year – and new decade – is upon us. If your resolution isn’t “travel more,” it should be! Whether you want to travel for vacation time, travel for learning experiences, or travel to make great memories with loved ones, there is a destination that is perfect for you. Here are our top 3...
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Louvre Paris
Where do we want to travel in 2019? It’s the end of the year already (where did that go?) and maybe you’ve started to think about planning next year’s travels.  We asked some of our agents which countries are on their radar for the coming year, and why… here are their answers!  These are their...
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Choosing top travel destinations in Africa is not an easy job known for the size and assortment of the continent. However, below are some destinations to add to your bucket list. In Kenya, Masai Mara is the place to be. From July to October is the dry season and the wildlife sight is unmatched. You...
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