elephant asia
Visit Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp in Myanmar For something to break up your visits to Myanmar Temples, why not take a trip to Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp?  Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp was founded to provide care for retired and disabled elephants that had spent their life in the timber industry, carrying logs...
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Highlights of Myanmar Are you looking for your next South-East Asia vacation destination?  Why not choose Myanmar (Burma)? Look forward to a slower pace of life, gilded pagodas at every turn and a traditional asian culture.  There’s lots to see and experience.  Here are our favourite reasons to visit: With so many temples, it’s perfect...
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Azamara Cruises
Experience the wonders of the United Arab Emirates, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore when you cruise the Spice Route from Dubai to Singapore!  Cruising is the best way to see this colourful, colonial route, and the voyage will be an insight into the journeys that the spice traders once took.  Some highlights...
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