Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Train
The Perfect Sri Lanka Itinerary Ever wanted to visit Sri Lanka?  Perfect for yogis, adventurers and beach goers, this island nation just South of India has it all.  From rainforest walks to a plethora of beaches, a trip to Sri Lanka is guaranteed to be worth your while.  If you’re not sure where to start,...
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Azamara Cruises
Experience the wonders of the United Arab Emirates, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore when you cruise the Spice Route from Dubai to Singapore!  Cruising is the best way to see this colourful, colonial route, and the voyage will be an insight into the journeys that the spice traders once took.  Some highlights...
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To get you ready for the New Year, we have rounded up some of the hottest destinations for 2018. Many of these places are on our wish-list already and they should be on yours! From the beautiful waters of the South Pacific to the historical streets of Europe, this list is sure to get you...
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