Sustainable Travel
Eco-Retreats in B.C.
Eco-retreats in B.C. are surging in popularity lately. We want to help you take advantage of this cool new trend. What is an Eco-Retreat?  An eco-retreat (or eco-lodge) is a hospitality suite that takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint and give back to the community in which it is situated. If you care about...
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By Donald Johannesson There is a spreading trend (especially amongst Zoomers) in what is called Cultural Travel or simply Cultourism. It is a specific kind of travel and the exact opposite of what we’ve known as Tourism, which is visiting other countries and then spending the time comparing everything to home! With Cultourism all preconceived...
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Travelers often want to make meaningful contributions to the destinations they frequent, but they are not always sure how to do this. Pack for a Purpose is an organization that helps travelers identify needs in specific destinations, so that they can make positive contributions when they travel. You can make a big impact on the...
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