Kyoto Bartender
Liquid Cuisine An avant-garde Kyoto bartender mixes east, west, and south to perfection by KIMBERLY HUGHES Opening the door to Nokishita711 feels like entering a portal to a different era. Located on a backstreet off a tree-fringed canal in Japan’s ancient capital city of Kyoto, the bar is dressed in dim candlelight, antique fixtures, and...
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Cape Winelands South Africa
Visiting the Cape Winelands in South Africa Welcome to South Africa, the home of more wineries than you can count! Planning a vacation to this stunning country and wondering where the best wine can be found?  Do not fret, we’ve got you covered!  If you’re staying in Cape Town, then you’re in luck as it’s...
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This fall one of our lucky agents took some time off, packed her bags, and headed for Bordeaux! The plan? Board a Scenic River Cruise that would spend 11 days meandering through the wine valleys of France’s countryside. Kelly boarded the 160 passenger Scenic Diamond and made her way through Bordeaux, Garonne, Cadillac, Dordogne, Libourne,...
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