Star Clippers – what are they like?


At the moment, Star Clippers has three beautiful sailing ships in their fleet which are all decked out in blue and gold nautical décor. Enjoy a voyage on the 227-passenger Royal Clipper, a magnificent ship with five masts and 42 sails! If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, you could take a ride on sister ships Star Flyer or Star Clipper. Both ships only have the capacity for 170 guests, the right size for a personalized experience. All vessels take pride in aiming to use their sails to power part of their journey.


Star Clippers offers a full range of destinations in its itineraries. You can head to the Caribbean, the Panama Canal or the Mediterranean. If you’re wanting something a little different, why not look into their 10-night cruise around Cuba or their Asia sailings that journey from Singapore to Thailand? For guests who are interested in Indonesia, Star Clippers offers a perfect cruise that explores Bali, Lombok and Komodo! These places wouldn’t be suited for large cruise ships but Star Clippers can visit them gracefully so you can really get involved with new landscapes.

On-board facilities:

You may find that the Star Clipper vessels have smaller cabins than other cruise ships, but that doesn’t mean they feel cramped. The cabins are decorated with paintings and artefacts that represent the golden age of sailing – how romantic! With one main dining venue that has a casual dress code, there is ample opportunity to meet other like-minded passengers. You may even have the chance to experience an outdoor barbecue on one of the tropical islands the ships frequent.


The passengers on Star Clippers voyages really do vary. Generally, there are a lot of European guests, mostly age 50 and above – though this does not mean that you won’t some see multi-generational groups!


There are no fixed schedules on-board so you really are free to make the vacation your own. Guests of all ages will love the focus on the history of sailing. You can find events such as knot-tying and navigation very fascinating! Star Clippers likes to stray from the standard entertainment performances, choosing local artists rather than Broadway impersonators, meaning you can experience some authentic music and arts.

Star Clippers

If you would like to enquire about what Star Clippers sailings are available, please contact or your favourite Lloyds travel agent! You’ll never forget your small ship cruising experience!