Why You Should Visit Spain and Portugal

With sparkling beaches, dramatic landscapes, friendly people and history dating back 20,000 years, Spain and Portugal create a very rich experience for your vacation. They also offer great value with accommodation, meals and wine amongst the most reasonable in Europe. Read on for a selection of experiences not to be missed in the countries of Iberia.

Fabulous Beaches

• Sun and sand attract visitors to the coasts of Spain and Portugal for fly and flop vacations. You’ll find great value at hotels and resorts and some wonderful local cuisine to enjoy. There’s also lots of cultural and historical interest for exploring on more active days.
• Whether you want a long stretch of sand or an intimate cove beach, you can find it here. Excellent beaches are found along Portugal’s Algarve coast and the Mediterranean beaches of Spain’s Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and Costa Brava.


• This is golfing heaven! The combination of a sunny climate, blue skies and outstanding facilities combine to make Spain and Portugal an ideal golf destination for your winter vacation. You’ll find high class golf courses designed by well known architects, many with exceptional seaside locations. Check out the Costa Azul near Lisbon, the sunny Algarve region of Portugal and the Costa del Sol in Spain for the best greens.

Food & Wine

• There’s much to enjoy in Iberia when it comes to food and wine. Food is Mediterranean style with wide use of olive oil and fresh ingredients. A variety of delicious dishes catch visitors attention, like Pescaito (small fried fish), the traditional rice and seafood Paella, Andalucian gazpacho and in Portugal, roast suckling pig, stuffed squid Lisbon-style and cod casserole.
• There are more than a dozen wine regions to discover! The variety of vintages includes sparkling Cava wines near Barcelona, Jerez Sherry in southern Spain and, of course, Port wine in the Portugal’s Douro region.

Best reasons to visit

• Value – The cost of living between Spain and Portugal is still considered one of the best buys for North Americans with prices on average about 10 to 15% less. This is very much visible in the cost of accommodation from Deluxe to Tourist, especially in the small towns.
• People – The Portuguese people are seen by many visitors as the most friendly and welcoming in Europe.
• Geography – Portugal features enchanting and contrasting landscapes within a short distance. You can easily travel from the mountains, to the beaches, cities and flat lands in a couple of hours, making Portugal an ideal place for a unique and memorable vacation.